Turn Kids on to the Produce Aisle!


How many times have you seen a kid drag their parent into the snack food aisle begging for a bag of candy or chocolate?  At Russ Davis Wholesale we’ve figured out a way to repeat that scene in your store, but this time the kid will be begging for Crazy Fresh© fruits and vegetables. That’s called Making Your Produce Aisle The New Snack Food Aisle©.

The secret lies in the Crazy Fresh Kids Club© website. Check it out!  This fully interactive website is jam packed with activities and games for kids that promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. With video games, coloring books, and fun DIY recipes all centered around Crazy Fresh© fruits and vegetables, we send a message to kids that eating Crazy Fresh© is crazy fun! Our Crazy Fresh Kids Club© website is already a huge hit with parents and kids, so when they see the Crazy Fresh© brand and logo in your store – the pull to the produce aisle will be as magnetic as the pull to the “Old” Snack food aisle.

When your store implements the Crazy Fresh Kid’s Club© you’ll have access to the following eye-catching tools designed to increase sales and get kids excited!

  • Iron Man Sign
  • Brochure
  • Digital Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Radio Spot

We’re Your Partner In The Produce Aisle©, and now we’re taking that long-standing partnership to the next level with the Crazy Fresh Kids Club©. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s Make Your Produce Aisle The New Snack Food Aisle©.

crazy fresh

  • Birthday Program
  • Activities
  • Recipes
  • Games
  • Lots More!

Contact us today to turn your produce aisle into a snack food aisle!