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New Items

We are the trendsetters

Our buyers are constantly searching for the latest and greatest items to keep our inventory stocked with everything your customers are looking for – and even some never-before-seen specialty items they’ll be excited to try. From the high quality wholesale produce we’ve become known for to more differentiating items like juices and salsas, we’re always on the look out for products that are going to keep your produce aisle fresh. New items are updated weekly, so make sure to check back often.

  • 19824 12ct Haitian Francis Mango (formerly the Drippy Elbow Mango)
  • 20056 20# Field Grown Rhubarb, Product of the USA
  • 20057 5# Split Rhubarb
  • 12550 Big B Organic Apple Juice 12/64oz
  • 12551 Big B Organic Cherry Apple Juice 12/64oz
  • 12552 Big B Organic Ginger Apple Juice 12/64oz
  • 12553 Big B Organic Peach Apricot Juice 12/64oz
  • 12554 Big B Organic Pear Apple Juice 12/64oz
  • 21468 Tsamma Watermelon Juice-6/12oz